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Today is the day when CF Samuel Hahnemann left to the heavenly abode. Today, on 2nd July 1843, Hahnemann left this world leaving his dream and hard work to be imbibed in the coming generations, for the benefit of mankind.

Hahnemann was not only a great teacher, experimenter but a visionary who dared to be wise and took steps against the wind. His teachings are still relevant to each and every aspect of the disease, health and cure.

The true dedication and tribute to Hahnemann are to follow his teaching and spread the scientificity of Homeopathy. It is not only remembering him on certain days but to practice the true art every day.

He was born on 10th April 1755, in Meissen (Saxony) as the third child and eldest son to Father, Christian Gottfried Hahnemann a porcelain designer, and Mother, Johanna Christiana. He started his medical practice in Hettstadt but was greatly disappointed with the prevailing modes of treatment, and this disappointment was increasing day by day. In 1784, Hahnemann gave up the practice of medicine and took up translating works as a source for his livelihood. In 1790, not satisfied with the fact that Cullen attributed the therapeutic effects of cinchona due to its bitterness, Hahnemann took cinchona himself. This was the turning point after which Hahnemann never looked back. He kept his exploration and experimentation intact with ever renewed energy and dedication. The views of Dr Hahnemann met with great criticism and neglect, but it never let Hahnemann deviated from his practice, and eventually and gradually he developed the homeopathic system and stick to it till his last breath in 2nd July 1843.

Let us remember and follow the true teachings of this noble soul who dedicated his life to discover the hidden truth, a truth which has served mankind for decades now, a truth which is scientific, artistic and based upon infallible laws of nature, a truth which we practice as “Homeopathy”.

Let us relive some moments of Hahnemann. Below are some of the excerpts and snapshots of Cemetery of Hahnemann, Paris weaved as a Slideshow.

If you plan to visit the Paris you must visit Hahnemann’s Cemetery. It’s a really a calm, peaceful place where you can charge your senses with the positive aura, motivation and dedication. This is located at

When you visit the Hahnemann’s Tomb do give a closer look at the inscription which says,

Extracts of Organon

Also, the other inscription “OEUVRES” – ARTWORKS mentions some of his greatest works

Oeuvres - Artworks by Samuel Hahnemann - Cemetery at Paris

Saurav Arora quote

Let us do what is best for mankind, but let us do it in a better way!

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