The Homeopathic Uses of Titanium – Info You Need to Know.

Materia Medica Tips – 16 

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Titanium homeopathy

As homeopaths, whenever we think of remedies of metal origin, we consider something which is very deep and long acting. This fact is in accordance to the simile principle because the metals are basically present deep inside in our tissues.

But why to categorize them according to the length of action. The answer is simple yet tricky. Most of the metal remedies comes into full term use when we are struck with a case. While our prescription is able to relieve the symptoms but not able to act for longer term and give a deep impression. Here comes the role of remedies of metal origin, but the thumb rule remains the same – symptom similarity, strong intuition or robust past experience.

Today’s quick tip is related to one such metallic origin remedy – TITANIUM METALLICUM.

Titanium is extensively used in surgeries (first introduced in the 1950s) and dentistry. It has gained this place due to its biocompatibility and resistance to corrosion from human body cellular and extra cellular environment. It is able to make a protective oxide film in the presence of oxygen. Therefore, it has varied used as prosthetic, internal fixation, inner body devices, and instrumentation etc. It is quoted that, “There is no known biological role for titanium. There is a detectable amount of titanium in the human body and it has been estimated that we take in about 0.8 mg/day, but most passes through us without being adsorbed. It is not a poison metal and the human body can tolerate titanium in large dose (Source).

Here comes the beauty of homeopathy. Once considered to be the safest and most inert substances when subjected to potentization appears to have inherent properties of affecting the human body and when used therapeutically, have the power to bring a restoration to health.

The Boericke’s materia medica starts its description as “Is found in the bones and muscles. Has been used in lupus and tuberculosis processes externally, also in skin disease, nasal catarrh, etc.” Now we can very well relate the location affinity of this metal. Since it is present is bones and skin within physiological levels, its triturated and ultrahigh diluted forms are able to affect the skin and muscles. 

Further, some important clinical symptoms and conditions are mentioned as,

  • Vision: Imperfect vision, the peculiarity being that half an object only could be seen at once.
  • Vertigo: Giddiness with vertical hemiopia.
  • Sexual: Sexual weakness, with too early ejaculation of semen in coitus (compares with Selenium).
  • Kidneys: Bright’s disease.
  • Skin: Eczema, lupus,
  • Respiratory: Rhinitis. Usually metallic origin remedies are only used in rhinitis like cases when every else has failed.

But it is also a challenge of us to prescribe such remedies when we don’t have characteristics and defined modalities. But nonetheless, this remedy (and similar remedies) do play important role when we are presented with partial symptoms. Therefore, for readers ease the following scenarios must be taken into consideration:

  • One sided diseases.
  • Partial symptoms.
  • When patient is consulted remotely.
  • Lack of time to take the case BUT diagnosis and CLINICAL condition is confirmed.
  • When patient is not cooperative.
  • When well selected remedies fail to bring the desired outcomes.

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