Thyroid Tips – SCH Treatment and Replacement vs Supplementation Concept

Materia Medica Tips – 6

In Hypothyroidism, especially the persistent subclinical Hypothyroidism (raised TSH but normal T3 and T4) (SCH), there is a debate regarding repeated medicines vs few doses. Philosophically minimum dose is required, practically repeated doses are used.

Well there is a way out – give minimum doses of constitutional medicines in high potencies and repeated doses of medicines in lower triturations and attenuations. Further, there is a difference between Replacement and Supplementation. Many a times physicians don’t use the right term for Hormone Replacement Therapy in Thyroid Disorders. So, let us use the right terminology. If a patient is taking Thyroid Tablet – that is Replacement and not Supplementation.

When a Homeopathic Medicine is given to a Thyroid patient – It is neither Replacement nor Supplementation. It is either curative, palliative or stimulative.

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