Thinking Extremities: Cuprum Metallicum is Certainly Not to Be Missed!

Materia Medica Tips – 19

Cuprum metallicum

Cuprum Metallicum is one of the most indispensable Homeopathic Medicines which has affinity for ailments of Extremities especially lower limbs.

The keynotes and keywords which define it are Spasms and Cramps. Cramps in the extremities; pains, soles, calves with great weariness of limbs. This symptom has been repeatedly used and verified in my own practice. Of special value in old age patients, DVT, early osteoarthritic patients, anxiety prone patients, etc.

MM books quote, “The Clonic spasms, begin in fingers and toes, and spread over entire body.” A patient may not be coming with fulminant or very acute episodes of spam but rather prolonged and continued set of aching, stiffness and spasmodic pains.

The symptoms disposed to appear periodically and in groups, this means a patient often complains of same set of complaints on and off and frequently. For example crampy pains at the commencement of certain change in weather.

The materia medica defines the epilepsy Aura of Cuprum met to begins in knees and ascends; < at night during sleep (Bufo); about new moon, at regular intervals (menses); from a fall or blow upon the head; from getting wet.

Therefore, Cuprum metallicum has certainly got an important inclusion in Chest Boxes of Geriatric Problems.

The potency of benefit is 6 and 30 for repeated use and higher potencies for infrequent uses.

From Research point of view Cuprum metallicum has power to invade the liposomal membranes of cells hence has action based on Nanoparticles. (Ghosh S., Suken D. Mandy P. AJHM 2014.)

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