These homeopathic remedies aided in the reduction of TSH and antiTPO antibodies in children right after the first prescription.

Materia Medica Tips – 13

thyroid and homeopathy

Hypothyroidism is becoming one of the most common endocrinal disorders, especially in children. Hypothyroidism is being identified frequently in young as well as in the elderly. It is now established fact that untreated and poorly treated hypothyroidism has an impact on cardiovascular, endocrine, skeletal, as well as on other organs and systems.

As Senior Research Fellow, I was a part of the placebo-controlled, randomized trial undertaken under the EMR scheme of Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, wherein 194 school age children were followed up for 18 months on either constitutional homoeopathy or placebo (2008-2011). The trial was conducted as a collaborative study of Dr. B. R. Sur Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, under Govt. of NCT of Delhi, New Delhi and Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Under Ministry of Defence, Timarpur, New Delhi

The trial remains the largest clinical trial reported trial on Subclinical Hypothyroidism/Autoimmune Thyroiditis till date!

The serum TSH returned to normal limits in 85.94% of verum in comparison to 64.29% of controls (p < 0.006); serum antiTPOab titers returned within normal limits in 70.27% of verum and 27.02% controls (p < 0.05).

The following group of remedies were found to decrease the TSH and antiTPOab titres just after the first prescription.

homeopathy and Thyroid

Article access details:

Title: Efficacy of homeopathic intervention in subclinical hypothyroidism with or without autoimmune thyroiditis in children: an exploratory randomized control study.

Authors: Vijay K Chauhan, Raj K Manchanda, Archana Narang, Raman K Marwaha, Saurav Arora, Latika Nagpal, Surender K Verma and V Sreenivas.

Journal and Volume: Homeopathy (2014) 103, 224-231


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