Repertory – Increasing Volume

Materia Medica Tips – 8

Excerpts of a recent discussion with few senior fellow colleagues:-

  • Few years back we use to use Kent’s Repertory exclusively for our day to day prescribing. But recently we are observed a major shift of users (because of digitilization of repertories) from Kent to Synthetic, Synthesis and Complete Repertory Approach.
  • While there is no harm in following evolution, but there is a major concern when it comes to rubrics where number of remedies have increased drastically.
  • On one hand we talk of lack of Clinical verification and Clinical validation of Homeopathic MM in past few decades, on other number of remedies are increasing under each rubric (and sub-rubrics).
  • There is also a fashion to include rare, rarer and rarest medicines under main rubrics (not even sub-rubrics) or rubrics marked as ‘to be validated’.
  • The sources of these remedies and rubrics is either the lectures of a Homeopath or unknown.
  • The source data of validation of drugs in terms of standardization and safety efficacy is lacking ie they don’t exist in any Pharmacopoeia but still they are available in potentized form somewhere or other.
  • There is also need of updation of Repertories according to Continents and regions (to better understand language barriers and variations).

Food for thought 🗨

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