Quick in Perception, Rapid in Execution

Materia Medica Tips – 7

I have verified this symptom repeatedly in my practice to differentiate between key female remedies like – Natrum Mur, Pulsatilla and this remedy.

Can you quickly guess the remedy?

The remedy is Ignatia (Ref Allen’s Keynotes)

We need to understand two components – perception and execution (expression of emotions and actions). Everyone of us perceive and executive but the ratio and time between the two may be different. This aspect may be used to define the remedies.

Ignatia – quick in perception, rapid in execution, may be abrupt, quick in asking too many questions, inquisitive, refined, always ready to defend herself, ready to overpower.

Whereas Pulsatilla is not that expressive in execution. That is why Puls is classically described being yielding.

In Natrum Mur the perception is quick but the execution is connected to deep thoughts and sometimes expressed as crying, consolation aggravates, and even quarrelsome but not pacified by consolation.

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