Progression of Thyroid Disorders from Homeopathic Point of View

Materia Medica Tips – 20

Dear Colleagues, today’s tip is related to the natural history of the Thyroid Disorders. The progression of thyroid disorders, from homeopathic point of view follows three major phases:

  1. Dynamic Phase: During this phase, no symptoms are apparent. The patient is usually picked up on routine screening or being screened for something else. This is the most important phase as diseases picked up and treated at this stage shall be dealt for long term and even cure! Potency Suggested: High. Doses: Infrequent.
  2. Functional Phase/Pathological Phase: In this phase the symptoms are mild to moderate with early or proper detection of identifiable physiological markers. During this phase the changes are in initial stages and may progress to overt disease. The majority of the population is diagnosed at this stage only but due to lack guidance and proper treatment land up into making their disease suppressed and palliated. Potency Suggested: Starting from Moderate and gradually increasing to High. Doses: Frequent/Infrequent.
  3. Pathological Phase: During this phase the changes have already been set in. (For example fibrosis of the gland and corresponding deviation in the T3, T4, TSH and aTPOab). Patients at this stage can be managed symptomatically with reduction in symptoms but since the irreversible changes have already been set in, cure is difficult, almost impossible. Potency Suggested: Starting from low and gradually increasing to Moderate, High potency if need. Doses: Frequent.
materia medica tips - thyroid progression

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