Painful sneezing, profuse lachrymation, injected conjunctiva, and throbbing distress in the frontal sinus

Materia Medica Tips – 22

“Painful sneezing, profuse lachrymation, injected conjunctiva, and throbbing distress in the frontal sinus.”– HEMPEL.

We often come across, in our practice, plenty of cases of Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis and Rhinosinusitis. The presentation of such cases, from nosological and clinical point of view, is studied broadly under Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI).

From Homeopathic point of view we know that the demarcation of symptoms along with causation and modalities (ie complete symptom) is what is needed to deal the case Holistically.

The remedy of discussion today covers many of the prominent symptoms of URTI – Sinusitis.

The sneezing is often painful. Now pain come only when there is much involvement of the nasal mucosa which should be inflamed and indurated enough to cause the pain (in addition to the discomfort). It means this remedy fits best to both acute and chronic conditions where painful sneezing is the prominent symptom. We often argue that sneezing comes with little pain but this is not so. Sneezing is a reflex. It is triggered by a stimulus be it infection, inflammation or anything else. When it is connected to deep inflammation it causes sudden pain.

The next confirmatory symptom, aiding to painful sneezing is profuse lachrymation. Here it is similar to common remedies like Arsenicum album, Allium Cepa, Euphrasia etc. Lachrymation is again a physiological imperceptible phenomenon but when it goes beyond the limit and when there is less clearance (as in blockage of Lachyrmal ducts) it becomes profuse.

The next symptom in the series is the injected conjunctiva. With painful sneezing, profuse lachrymation it is expected to have a bit of congestion of conjunctivas, but in this case the pathology is in depth. There are injected conjunctivas, means, where blood is rushing to the eyes. It is very important to differentiate our remedy here with leading remedies like Belladonna, Sanguinaria can and Euphrasia which do have congestive conjunctivas.

Lastly, the throbbing distress in the frontal sinus makes the selection of this remedy clear. In all comparable remedies like Belladonna, Sanguinaria, Euphrasia, Allium Cepa, Arsenicum album we see the acuity of the symptoms and presentation but our drug of choice has chronicity of the complaints with in-depth involvement of the sinuses and membranes which give the fulminant presentation especially when the well selected remedies have either failed or partially acted.

The choice of drug here is KALIUM IODATUM.

A deep acting remedy useful for URTI and Sinusitis.

Preferred Dose – Low Potency, Repeated.

High Potencies – Infrequent doses.

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