A bizarre substance; cold and elusive, always restless; but when still, it is better than a mirror to see into

Materia Medica Tips – 25


“A bizarre substance; cold and elusive, always restless but when still, it is better than a mirror to see into.”

This is one of the most common physical properties of Mercury. No doubt it is one of the most bizzare metal because of its properties which defy the physical states. On one hand its a metal but on the other hand its liquid in state of existence.

Now to understand this in context of Homeopathy, the same reflects in the personality of a Mercurius constitution.

Consider a person who is intensely sensitive (physically and mentally), restless, agresssive, but at the same time unable to hold and stick to decisions he makes. Easily distracted by slightest of change in position, environment and circumstances.

At this stage, it is comparable to remedies like Arsenicum album, Nux vomica, Ignatia and Phosphorus which have their own characteristic activity, restlessness and state of mind which is more or less adapted to situation but not hyper sensitive to change in position and environment.

When a Merc is at ease (ideal case taking situation) where he/she is given a perfect state where only Doctor and Patient are in conversation, the Merc is relfective, shiny and still. At this point of time it is comparable with elite and polished remedies of Materia Medica such as Ignatia, Platina, Carcinosin, Phosphorus, etc. The character of Merc is relfective in its symptoms which are clear, deep seated and complete the cause and effect theory.

As soon one tries to divert the situation or there is any disturbance, Merc quickly changes the conversation and then you have to run after him to make him stable again.

This is a classical reason why Merc is called a Barometer, affected by the slightest change. Sensitive to temperature and environment. Merc doesn’t evaporate or changes its state, but it is not to be relied upon for stability.

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