Latest Research in Homeopathy – Now as Podcast Also | RuH – Issue 9, Volume 2 and 3

Research takes a new turn every moment. It is us who need to keep a pace between the kind of research we undertake and the purpose of doing it.

The Covid-19 has put a lot of challenges before us, including accepting the new digitization and rational use of resources and time. Research is not far from this. Research is something which not everybody undertakes but many of us wants to keep ourselves updated without leaving our comfort zone. To keep the pace of research understanding, now onwards, you would be able to listen the important research updates in homeopathy as Podcast too!  The option is aimed to sensitize more people regarding the latest developments in research in homeopathy. In an era where many things have been changing, time management becomes a key factor. Many a times it happens that we do not wish to engage too much on screen yet want to keep ourselves updated. Podcast is the key!

It would be a sincere endeavour to let the readers of IPRH and Research Updates to keep abreast with latest in research in homeopathy both via regular electronic issues as well as Podcast of each issue. Starting this issue, you can listen updates as Podcast on major podcast channels like

The move is to bring the motivation, clarity and accepting challenge for a new journey. I would like to receive your feedback for this initiative. Please write your thoughts at

PS: This is first time in homeopathy that research updates are presented as Podcast! Do share the news with your friends and colleagues. 

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