Itch – How to Differentiate Sulphur, Caladium and Apis

Materia Medica Tips – 23

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Whenever we encounter itching of skin in our day to day practice we think of many remedies including Sulphur, Caladium and Apis. Today’s Materia Medica tip is a snapshot of what differentiate these major remedies of pruritis (in addition to their usual characteristics and peculiar symptoms.

The materia medica describes the itch of Caladium as intense itching. Here Sulphur is differentiated being voluptuous itching in nature (in general Sulphur; Genitals – Caladium). The Caladium patient is affected deeply by the itch which creates a sense of “discomfort-irritation-intensness” all the time, whereas Sulphur who is also affected, “enjoys” the itch which leads to more and more itch and thus this cascade compels patient to itch. Caladium tends to be more irritated due to the “violent” itch. The Sulphur is dragged to itch, whereas Caladium is forced to itch. Sulphur skin in one of worst skins – unhealthy, non responsive to best selected remedies, broken, filthy much in intensity than Caladium.

In cases where itching is due to insect bite the differentiating point becomes the burning pain. Thus Apis has stinging plus burning pain whereas Caladium has burning and itching which is intense, and Sulphur has predominant itch followed by burning and rawness of skin. In Caladium patient the itching sometime alternates with Asthma. Therefore, it can be thought of in cases Atopic Dermatitis, Pruritis associated with recurrent upper respiratory tract infections.

It’s observed that hyperpigmentation of skin follows the order of intensity (intense to mild) as

Apis – Sulphur – Caladium

As per Homeopathic principles the skin is the reflection of the internal imbalance and a mirror of a person’s personality. Therefore, the internal imbalance must be studied in deep and correlated to the outermost expressions.

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