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(An active principle from the pancreas which affects sugar metabolism)

Excerpts from Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia by P. N. Verma / Indu Vaid

Synonyms: Insulin

Insiulin is polypeptide hormone produced in the B-cells of the islets of Langerhans.-situated in the pancreas of all vertebrates.

History and authority: The drug has been clinically evalued at central Research Institute for Homoeopathy. Short proving of Insulin 30 was reported at International Homoeopathic Congress, in Oct. 1977.

Description: A colour, crystalline powder, hexagonal system, usually obtained as flat rhomohidra.

Solubility: Readily soluble in dilute acid and in alkalies. Practically insoluble at pH between 4.58 – 7.0


  • Restores the lost ability to oxidize carbohydrates and again storing glycogen in the liver
  • Some use of it homoeopathically has been made by Dr. Wm. F. Baker, showing its applicability in acne, carbuncles, erythemas with itching ecaema. (William Boericke)
  • Given a persistent case of skin irritation, boils or varicose ulceration with polyuria, it is indicated. (William Boericke)
  • Prescribed dose: 3x to 30 x. (Dr. Ghosh recommends 30 to 200c potencies)

Affinities: liver, tissues, mucous membranes, skin, ear.

Comments by authorities:
W. A. Dewey

“Long before the discovery of Insulin Dr. Pierre Jousset of Paris prepared a pancreatic juice on a glycerine basis which he administered to diabetic patients in doses of 10 or 20 drops a day in water and had results sufficiently good to consider pancreatic juice, orally administered, as a remedy of great value in diabetes. Dr. Cartier, his practical successor, praised it but insisted on smaller doses given by mouth as larger doses and hypodermic injections of it had no effect in ordinary diabetes. Baker advises the homoeopathic strengths of Insulin 3d to 30th and reports happy results therefrom. Great care must be taken not to overdose. Boericke says that it maintains the blood sugar at a normal level and the urine remains free of sugar. Epileptic convulsions and mental derangements have been produced by hypodermic use of this hormone.”

K. N. Mathur


  • It is a SPECIFIC remedy in the following conditions
  • Enlarged liver with suppurative conditions e.g. , chronic suppurative tubercular glands with enlarged liver.
  • Enlarged liver with chronic diarrhoea.
  • Enlarged liver with chronic eczema.
  • Ailments with emaciation, debility, enlarged liver, when well selected remedies fall.
  • Duration of action: Not definite.

Synthesis Rubrics

  • ABDOMEN – LIVER and region of liver; complaints of – chronic
  • EXTREMITIES – PAIN – Joints – gouty
  • FACE – ERUPTIONS – acne
  • GENERALS – BLOOD VESSELS – complaints of
  • GENERALS – DIABETES MELLITUS – accompanied by – boils
  • GENERALS – DIABETES MELLITUS – accompanied by – carbuncle
  • GENERALS – DIABETES MELLITUS – accompanied by – eczema
  • GENERALS – DIABETES MELLITUS – insulin dependent
  • GENERALS – VARICOSE veins – ulceration
  • SKIN – ERUPTIONS – boils
  • SKIN – ERUPTIONS – carbuncle
  • SKIN – ERUPTIONS – eczema
  • SKIN – ERUPTIONS – eczema – itching
  • SKIN – ERUPTIONS – erythema

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