The Plausibility Debate Now Affects Homeopathic Education in France

The Faculty of Medicine of Lille decides to suspend its diploma of University of homeopathy for the beginning academic year pending the position of the H.A.S. and national exchanges on the framing of this practice and its teaching.

Well, Not a Good News for Homeopathy in France! In a recent tweet by Lille University, it is stated that the university has decided to suspend the diploma in homeopathy for the year 2018 – 19. This issue has certainly risen out of the controversial position of homeopathy from plausibility point of view. With each passing year, we are observing the rise in usage of homeopathy across the globe but at the same time facing strong criticism at scientific and academic front.

The debate is heated now.

Agnès BuzynIn April 2018, Health Minister Agnès Buzyn, French physician serving as the Minister of Solidarity and Health in the Philippe Government stated that “it is favorable to the maintenance of the reimbursement of homeopathy, which according to her medicine has “probably a placebo effect” but “does no harm” (translated originally from the link here.)

It was further stated that “There is always an evaluation of so-called complementary medicines, there is a working group at the health directorate that verifies that all these practices are not harmful, if it continues to be beneficial without being harmful. it will continue to be reimbursed.

A group of 124 healthcare practitioners appealed against “alternative medicine” and used the adjectives like unscientific, irrational, unethical and dangerous. The petitioners urge the Council of the Order of Physicians and public authorities to make every effort to no longer authorize the designation of doctors or health professionals who continue to promote them; no longer recognize in any way homeopathy, mesotherapy or acupuncture degrees such as medical diplomas or qualifications; no longer produce degrees in medical schools or health training institutions based on practices whose effectiveness has not been scientifically demonstrated; no longer pay social security contributions for care, medicine or treatment from disciplines that refuse to accept rigorous scientific evaluation; encourage information procedures on the nature of alternative therapies, their deleterious effects and their real effectiveness; require all caregivers to respect the ethics of their profession, by refusing to give unnecessary or ineffective treatment, by offering care in accordance with the recommendations of learned societies and the most recent data from science, by demonstrating pedagogy and honesty towards their patients and by offering a sympathetic listening. (Source:

The Lille University has indicated in its tweet that the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) shall be consulted to make a decision on the practice and diplomas in the discipline. It is expected to have a final decision from the HAS by the end of February 20an 19.

saurav arora blogsThe tweet has sparked the debate and the issue is of global concern now. On one side a specific lobby is a welcoming move, as this shall homeopathy at large in France and other parts of the world. On the other hand various authorities are in favor that the existing pool of evidence is sufficient to label homeopathy as plausbile, valid, scientific and effective, but it is the lobbyist of the skepticism and lack of knowledge which is triggering the hatred, non-acceptance, and rejection and if we don’t answer such issues now, the heat is ready to spread to other parts of world too!

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