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Coleus aromaticus

Today’s Materia Medica tip is for a remedy known as coleus aromaticus benth (botanical name).  It is also known as Pashanbhedi, Coleus amboinicus Lour, Coleus crasifolious Benth, Coleus sunanda Blance, Patharchur, and Indian borage commonly. This remedy belongs to the family of labiatae and leaves are used to prepare its mother tincture. For its preparation according to Pharmacopoeia (HPI) the mother tincture has a drug strength of 1\10 and is prepared in strong alcohol.  The chemical composition consists of Sodium, Alkaloid, Essential oil containing carvacrol present in the herb in small quantities. History and authority: Ghose; Drugs of Hindoosthan, VIII ed.

The clinical usage of this remedy is primarily for urinary complaints. We must be able to differentiate (and use this remedy as an adjuvant) with other important broad acting remedies such as Cantharis, Sarsaparilla, Tribulus, Apis etc. The differentiation is easy when there are plenty of comparable symptoms. In cases where there is a picture of one sided disease, few individualized symptoms, presence of specific disease symptoms probability of using this remedy is more. This remedy can be used for alleviating symptoms and giving quick, transient relief for the following complaints: 

  • Urinary complaints:
    • Strangury or painful micturition, frequent tendency to urination with strain at stool – this symptom is more intense when there is presence of the straining stools.
    • Sometimes concentrated, viscous urinal discharge with blood (Blumia Odo):
    • Hot and trickling urinal discharge.
    • Uremia of choleric patient.
  • Gonorrhoea – One of the specific remedy for gonorrhoeal infections when there is no other alternative or when the broad acting remedies seems to fail to act. At this point in time considering Coleus arotmaticus as a palliative medicine is a good choice.
  • This drug may be administered in the treatment of strangury and burning sensation of the urethra or ureter due to uric calculus in urine. Now at this point it must be compared with important remedies like Berberis vulgaris, Hydrangea etc. If the intensity of strangury is out of proportion coleus is the preferred choice over other remedies. 
  • This is also useful in excessive discharge of urine in diabetes and strangury of women who have just delivered baby.
  • Colic pain with urinary complaints is a common symptoms and may be considered if there is no other symptom.
  • Few materia medica suggest its usage in respiratory troubles such as Asthma, chronic catarrh and in Epilepsy, but the exact symptomatology of such conditions are yet to be studied in detail.

In homeopathy this remedy is used in low potencies such as mother tincture, 2x and above.


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