Can Homeopathy be Taken with Allopathy?

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Homeopathy with Allopathy
This post relates to query by one of our fellow colleagues (and also many patients):-
Both conventional medicines and homeopathic medicines can be taken at the same time since both are derived from different sources? How it is possible since there will be an interaction of both the active substance present in both the medicines? How can we explain this to patients?
My Submissions:
  • Homeopathic medicines are derived from various sources and their method of preparation demark them different from the beginning.
  • Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with other medicines since their mode of action is entirely different in maximum cases. The conventional and crude medicines usually act through our circulatory system in conjugation with other systems ie they are first absorbed in our gut (when injected IV – through blood; and when injected IM – through the blood-cell membranous exchange) etc. Whereas in Homeopathy when the medicines are highly diluted and when given over tongue or rubbed on the skin or asked to inhale they stimulate our nervous system (for more info on this please see my blog post Smell is a Fallen Angel – )
  • But there is a slight variation when we use mother tinctures which go to stomach first and then absorbed in the blood. In such cases, there might be an interaction of conventional medicines and homeopathy. This is a debatable and area to be explored from Research point of view.
  • In many instances, it has been proved that homeopathy can be taken as Adjuvant and Add-on Therapy along with conventional and other systems of medicines.
  • So, I guide my patients that that route and mode of actions of Homeopathy is entirely different thus these can be taken with other systems IF REQUIRED.

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