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Materia Medica Tips – 17

Calcarea sulph

Calcarea Sulph is one of the commonest remedies used Clinically, but at the same time its absence in Allen’s Keynotes makes Clinicians to hunt it from other sources, clinical experiences and intuition. The prominent features of Calcarea Sulph can be summarized as follows:-

  • Conditions where discharge continued for longer time and suppuration is almost inevitable.
  • It’s seat of action is primarily the epithelial tissues.
  • The discharges are purulent, yellow, thick and
  • lumpy, and might be bloody.
  • Eruptions with the presence of pus with a vent.
  • Skin is unhealthy with a disposition for ulcers which do not heal quickly.
  • Desires Open Air in General.
  • Profuse Perspiration.
  • In fever hectic rise of temperature.

Clinical Conditions

  • Tonsillitis with abscess.
  • Pustular Acne on Face.
  • Painful Fistula with Abscess.

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